SCHI Vision

The Vision of SCHI's founder Reverand Dr. Alonzo B. Patterson, was to develop the local community by extending ministry into the heart of the Anchorage community through housing development, shelter for the homeless, economic planning, social support and outreach to the disadvantaged, which will enable them to live healthy and productive lives as informed community residents.

SCHI Mission

Remove the barriers to safe, affordable housing such as age, income/sustainable employment; lack of education/under-educated; and training/skills which would prevent a person from ever obtaining sustainability and acquire permanent housing.

LIFE  Program Vision

Young adults in the Anchorage area will never experience homelessness.


LIFE Program Mission

Assist young adults in the Anchorage Community, who are experiencing homelessness, by offering safe, affordable housing while they work to complete their education and/or obtain a meaningful career or job that would provide them  long term sustainability.



We would love to hear from you.  Please feel free and contact us about any suggestions, they are welcome and greatly appreciated.



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